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Product Videos

DirectFlush – Rimless Toilet | Villeroy & Boch

The advantages of a rimless WC are maximum hygiene, high efficiency & timeless design. DirectFlush Subway 2.0 – The new generation of rimless WC by Villeroy & Boch. A perfect design for the highest degree of hygiene & efficiency because of an ideal water flow. The rimless DirectFlush Subway 2.0 by Villeroy & Boch provides everything a modern & efficient WC needs.

In 60 seconds: CeramicPlus | Villeroy & Boch

CeramicPlus is the special surface finishing from Villeroy & Boch for improved bathroom hygiene.

CeramicPlus causes wastewater to almost completely roll off from the surface, which keeps the ceramic cleaner for longer.
The anti-adhesive effect of CeramicPlus allows for an easier cleaning of dried-up residues with less use of detergents.

CeramicPlus is available for the most toilets, washing basins, shower trays and kitchens sinks. It is resistant to all acids and alkalis typically used in the home.

In 60 Seconds: Antibac | Villeroy & Boch

AntiBac is the perfect solution for hygiene in the bathroom. The innovative glazing has been proven to reduce the growth of bacteria on surfaces by more than 99.9%.

The antibacterial properties are integrated directly into the bathroom ceramics and WC seats and are therefore permanently lasting.

It goes without saying that AntiBac poses absolutely no health risks and offers reliable protection and safety for the entire service life of the products.

Our hygiene champion – The innovative toilet for quadruple cleanliness | Villeroy & Boch

Hygienic, anti-bacterial and simple to clean – our hygiene champ helps keep your bathroom free from disease. The rimless DirectFlush toilet with innovative CeramicPlus, ViFresh and AntiBac surfaces is the perfect hygiene solution from Villeroy & Boch.

The best part: It saves a lot of water and cleaning agents. Quadruple hygiene is simply the safest.

In 60 seconds : Legato | Villeroy & Boch

Clearly defined and timelessly modern, Legato is a complete bathroom collection of uniform elegance for sophisticated tastes.
The straight lines of the ceramics ideally complement the striking design of this successful furniture range, including a washbasin that almost appears to hover – an effect visible both day and night, thanks to optional LED lighting. Find out more and satisfy the most demanding design requirements with Legato.

Review – Squaro Edge 12 Water Inlet | Villeroy & Boch

This Review shows the Squaro Edge Water Inlet for Villeroy & Boch baths. The baths in the Squaro Edge 12 collection combine maximum bathing comfort with pure aesthetics. The use of Quaryl®, a material developed by Villeroy & Boch, further emphasizes the perfect forms for exciting bathroom design. The narrow bath rim is just 12 millimeters wide & creates a unique sense of lightness, whilst the modern lines inside the baths in the Villeroy & Boch Squaro Edge 12 collection are beautifully harmonious.

Installation Videos

Fundo Ligno – The Specialist for Suspended Timber Floors

wedi Fundo Ligno — The floor-level shower element with outer edges of just 20 mm thick has been specially developed for use in old and new builds with wooden floors. In contrast to traditional shower elements, the Fundo Ligno is adapted to the covering wood layer and as a result can be integrated into it wonderfully — without building up further height and with- out time-consuming levelling measures. In the case of the in- tegrated model, it is sealed to the adjoining timber floor using the wedi Fundo sealing set. In the case of assembly on top of floorboards, height-adjusting wedi building boards are also used alongside the Fundo Ligno. In this case, only wedi 610 is used for sealing.
Fundo Ligno — ideal for wood.


KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX – the name says it all, now more than ever. The new FLEXX.BOXX comes as an concealed box with integrated flushing set. The unit is now supplied fully assembled with the trim set of your choice. Now you can install the FLEXX.BOXX with even greater flexibility, as all you need is one box for all applications: thermostat, single-lever mixer or protection against backflow. This means you can wait until the last minute to choose the appropriate KLUDI tap.


A concept for running showers and bath that is as straightforward as it is ingenious: the water is turned on and off with a simple press of the ergonomic push-button and the temperature is preset at the thermostatic handle. This represents real convenience for young and old alike, and for every stage in life, since the mechanical buttons click quietly but audibly when pressed, while not actually retracting into the mixer. So you can feel them at all times – even when your face is covered in lather. During installation, buttons can be allocated according to customer desires, allowing two units, for instance a head and side shower, to be controlled at once. KLUDI PUSH is available with a round or square rosette in a soft-edge design, and is robust and easy to clean.

How to install – Soft closing and quick release | Villeroy & Boch

Two new innovations from Villeroy & Boch make enhance your WC to an optimum: Soft closing & quick release! Soft Closing: Thanks to special dampers integrated into the hinges, WC seats with Soft Closing technology close gently & silently. Enhances your comfort and prevents any noise. Quicks Release: Makes bathroom cleaning quick & easy. WC seats fitted with Quick Release are easy to remove and replace.

How to install – SupraFix 2.0 | Villeroy & Boch

This tutorial shows how to install a wall-mounted WC with SupraFix 2.0 by Villeroy & Boch. With the new SupraFix 2.0 attachment system, wall-mounted WCs can be easily installed by one person. The tutorial shows that the new patented, invisible attachment system is simpler, more convenient & quicker because of its 2-in-1 assembly of WC & WC seat.
SupraFix 2.0 is available for Memento, La Belle, Subway 2.0, My Nature & the new Joyce. The WC seat is available with Quick Release & Soft Closing.

KEUCO Montagefilm IXMO Ab- und Umstellventil

The central concept behind the IXMO fittings for the shower is the concentration of functionality. An IXMO single-lever mixer or thermostat is always combined with multifunctional IXMO elements which, in addition to connections for one, two or three water channels, also compactly unite other functions such as a hose connection, hand shower bracket, stop cock, or selector. This allows the number of products on the wall to be reduced, and enhances the appearance at the same time. Since the individual fitting units can be freely positioned, IXMO offers a high standard of design freedom.
With the IXMO fittings for the shower, KEUCO is once again demonstrating its high standard of innovation in design and technology.