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Senstec shower trays 36mm

Senstec shower trays 36mm

Shower trays in the SENSTEC range are 36mm tall and are completely solid, as our design does not require a hollow void underneath.

Each tray is composed of a gel-coated surface, backed with a poly-concrete composite. Our unique process allows for the shower trays to be manufactured in any colour.

Truly Anti Slip Shower Tray

SENSTEC’s leading technology will help prevent slips in a wet, soapy, barefoot environment and provide peace of mind for users of all ages.


The Anti Slip properties of the SENSTEC Shower Tray are integrated during the manufacturing process ensuring slip resistance for the lifetime of the shower tray.

Easily Cleaned and Maintained

The SENSTEC shower trays are as easily cleaned as a normal shower tray, the anti-slip profile is made from the same material as the rest of the shower tray surface- Clean by Design.

Shapes and Sizes

Every bathroom is different; from sizes to decor, no bathroom is the same. This is why the SENSTEC shower tray comes in a range of shapes and sizes.

Unique Sensory Appeal

The slip resistant grips provide a sensory experience unlike any other shower tray while the modern design of the tray has been perfected over eighteen months of research and development.

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